Williams, Raymond

Williams, Raymond


Born Aug. 31, 1921, in Llanfihangel Crucorney, Wales. British writer.

Williams graduated from Cambridge University. In his novels Border Country (1960) and Second Generation (1964; Russian translation, 1975), he grapples with a topic of immediate concern to progressive British intellectuals—the working-class origins and the perpetuation of democratic traditions in Great Britain. Williams has also written studies on history and culture, such as Culture and Society (1958) and The Long Revolution (1961), as well as studies on literary subjects, among them Modern Tragedy (1966) and The English Novel From Dickens to Lawrence (1970). In these works he approaches the study of intellectual culture both from within and from without, examining, on the one hand, the evolution of artistic form and, on the other, the determined quality of the social and political environment.


Communications. London, 1966.
Drama From Ibsen to Brecht. London, 1968.


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