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Liam Jarvie led the way with a hat-trick for Town and there was a goal apiece for Ellis Husband, James Beauchamp, Lewis Walton, Jim Wilson, Mitchell Wilson and Johnny Ward.
Subs: Boafa, Wilson, Mitchell, Charlesworth, Farrell.
Subs not used: B Wilson, Mitchell LIVERPOOL RESERVES: Hansen, Flanagan, Wilson, Wisdom, Coates, Coady, Sterling (Roberts 82), Spearing, Morgan (Eccleston 60), Adorjan (Silva 66), Suso.
HUCKNALL: Lindley, C Walters (Spriggs), T Walters, O'Brien (Kettle), Timons, Sucharewycz, Wilson, Mitchell, Ricketts, Bacon, Liburd.
STOURBRIDGE: Hall; Piotrowski, Wilson, Mitchell, Yiend; Cook, Price; Hartland, Hubbleday, Tideswell, Homer, Crofts, Fakatou, Scheuller, Horrobin.
Also signed by Clem Anderson, William Dodds, Bob Wilson, Mitchell, Mansel, Robson (Some of the lads from Chester-le-Street).
Town: Dibble, Brown, Bray, Banks, Webster, Jones, Winter (Ward 9 mins), Cork, Shearer, Wilson, Mitchell.