Win Create new folder

Win Create new folder

You can create a new folder in Explorer by right clicking or using the menu.

In the C: Drive
To create a new folder on the C: drive, do the following:

1. Highlight the C: drive icon
2. In Win 7, select File/New/Folder.
3. In Win 10, select Home/New/Folder
4. Rename "New Folder"

A Folder in a Folder
To create a folder (subfolder) within a folder, do the following:

1. Highlight folder icon.
2. Select Home/New/Folder or File/New/Folder.
3. Rename "New Folder"

A new folder can be created by right clicking the drive or folder and selecting New/Folder. In Win7, 8.1 and 10, right clicking works in both left and right Explorer windowpanes. In XP, right clicking only works in the right windowpane.

To create a new folder on the desktop, right click the desktop and select New/Folder.
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