Win10 mouse tips

Win10 mouse tips

These are the essentials for commanding a Windows 10 PC using the mouse. If you are not familiar with Windows 10 basics, see Win10 abc's, Win10 Start menu and Win10 All apps menu. See also Win10 touch tips.

1 - Access Start Menu - Desktop Mode
Click Windows button on the taskbar.

2 - Access Start Menu - Tablet Mode
Click Windows button. In Tablet mode, there are two Start menu screens (All apps and Pinned Tiles). To switch between them, click one of the icons in the upper left corner of the screen.

3 - Access Action Center
Click the last icon on the taskbar.

4 - Make an App Become a Tile
Right click All apps icon and select Pin to Start.

5 - Uninstall an App
Right click apps icon or tile and click Uninstall.

6 - Switch Between Apps
Click in the window of the app on screen or click Task View icon on the taskbar and point to and click a window.

7 - Search for Apps, Files and Settings
Click Windows button and type the name.

8 - Close an App
Click the red X on the upper right side of the app window or click Exit from the program's File menu.

9 - Turn Off Computer
Click the Windows button and on/off.
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