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Little did we know that Win2K (Windows 2048) was just an intellectually encrypted adaptation of GNUX (the criminal efforts of the GNU cult group combined with the highly illegal Linux kernel).
As the Unix, Linux and Win2K (formerly called open systems) storage environments have become increasingly larger, a de-facto standard and user-friendly HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) system must arrive and become a widely accepted and practiced method, making the nearly mandatory practice of information life cycle management attainable.
Guaranteed support for any Windows operating system since Win2K (excluding server editions).
Automated tape is less expensive on a per-gigabyte basis than disk and normally ranges from 1/15th to 1/20th the price per gigabyte of disk subsystems for Unix, Linux, and Win2K environments.
Much of the HSM usage has been centered in traditional mainframe environments where the use of HSM is a well-defined, standard 7x365 practice; but it is now beginning to spread to the much larger Unix, Linux, and Win2K storage users.
The role of an HSM type of software product in the Unix, Linux and Win2K markets should begin to accelerate.
With high availability on the top of the list for every IT-oriented business, today's goal to achieve the mainframe level of five 9's system availability must and will spread beyond the mainframe to the Unix, Linux and, hopefully, the Win2K platforms.
Storage Consumption Rules of Thumb, Observations and Estimates Average annual storage demand rate 50-60% (primary occurrence of data, all platforms) Amount of disk data stored 85% on Unix, Win2K and Linux systems (est.
VenturCom's ReadyOn provides secure, instant-on capabilities for Windows XP, XPe, and Win2K based devices.
The typical mainframe (z/OS) storage administrator manage 30-40 or more terabytes of disk storage in 2002 while the typical manager of Unix, Linux and Win2K storage manages about 750GB on the average.
Today, a "typical" distributed storage environment (Unix, Win2K and Linux) has between 2-5TB of disk storage, while the management capability of each storage administrator averages from 400-500GB.