Win8 Charm bar

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Win8 Charm bar

The Charm bar is a Windows 8 toolbar that is used for searching, sharing, changing PC settings, and turning the computer off. In Windows 10, this function was eliminated. To display the Charm bar, do the following:

Point to the upper right corner of the screen and
slide down, or the lower right corner and slide up.

Press Windows-C

From the right edge of the screen, swipe left.

Search is used to find apps, files and settings by name or key words. Windows-Q is a keyboard shortcut to Search, and Windows-F goes directly to Search Files.

The Share options depend on the application being used.

Display the Start screen.

Offers available options for hardware such as how to configure a second monitor.

The way to turn the computer off as well as access the control panels and configuration settings. The PC Info link takes you immediately to the System control panel. See Windows 8 and Win8 abc's.

Windows 8 Charm Bar
This Windows 8 toolbar is a departure from all previous versions of Windows.
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