Win8 Charms bar

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Win8 Charms bar

The Charms bar was a Windows 8 toolbar used for searching, sharing, changing PC settings and powering down. It was dropped in Windows 10. The Charms bar was displayed by doing the following:

Point to upper right corner and slide down.
Point to lower right corner and slide up.

Press Windows-C

From right edge, swipe left.

Find apps, files and settings by name or key words. Windows-Q is a keyboard shortcut to Search, and Windows-F goes directly to Search Files.

Depends on application being used.

Display Start screen.

Offers available options for hardware such as how to configure a second monitor.

Turn computer off as well as access control panels and configuration settings. The PC Info link takes you immediately to the System control panel. See Windows 8 and Win8 abc's.

Windows 8 Charms Bar
The Charms toolbar was a new feature of Windows 8.
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