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(WINdows RunTime) The programming interface (API) used to develop Windows 8 tablet-style (Metro) applications. WinRT is a runtime engine for the ARM and x86 platforms, and WinRT tablet-style apps run in ARM tablets under the Windows RT operating system and in x86 PCs under the Windows 8 operating system. In x86 PCs, WinRT co-exists with the traditional Windows programming interface (see Win32).

Designed for developers to create safe "sandboxed" touchscreen applications available from Microsoft's Windows Store, WinRT is a runtime engine that supports multiple programming languages, including C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript and XAML.

WinRT Vs. Windows RT
WinRT is the runtime engine for the applications, while Windows RT is the OS for ARM tablets. WinRT is used with the Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro operating systems to deliver the tablet-style apps. See Windows RT, Windows 8 and runtime engine.

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The Win32 and Win64 API, on the other hand, is common to all versions of Windows, and now that WinRT apps also run in a window, there is no longer a sharp distinction from the user's perspective.
Further, the Windows API is able to call into the WinRT API which exposes new Windows 10 platform features like Notifications.
Our WinRT suite of 34 controls is the largest on the market and definitely the most complete.
The HTML5 SDKs made it possible to develop zero footprint web applications and WinRT laid the necessary foundation for porting LEADTOOLS to other native platforms.
Microsoft is releasing the future of Windows application development with WinRT, and LEAD is releasing the future of imaging development with LEADTOOLS WinRT Module.
Our HTML5 application, which currently supports all mobile and desktop browsers, will leverage Microsoft's new WinRT technology to deliver reports and dashboards to Windows 8 users.
The first report designer for WinRT is developed by the company specialists.
Using BSQUARE's WinRT for USB, developers can write application-level Win32 hardware control programs for their USB hardware and eliminate the need for device driver toolkits or custom device driver development.
com)-- Stimulsoft Company is pleased to announce the report designer for WinRT is now live.
NET MVC, Silverlight, WPF, WinRT, HTML5 form the product line Stimulsoft Reports.
The WinRT toolkit contains a group of programs that give developers control of hardware devices from Win32 API-based applications.
WinDK and WinRT are trademarks of BlueWater Systems Inc.