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in agriculture, strips of two or more rows of tall crops (corn, sunflower, sorghum, Chinese mustard) sown in slot fallow or plantings of different crops to collect snow and protect the crops against dry winds.

Windbreaks are arranged perpendicular to the direction of the prevailing winds in order to cut down the velocity of the wind and increase the relative humidity of the layer of air near the ground. The rows in each windbreak are 14, 45, or 60 cm apart. The distance between windbreaks is 12 to 16 m or more, that is, equal to multiples of the operating width of a tractor during sowing and cultivation.


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The value of rural windbreaks is beyond financial especially as the energy costs increase once again.
Because of the abruptly changing weather patterns in Oklahoma these cane windbreaks provided some measure of protection for tipis.
You may need to buy a man-made windbreak to protect the young plants that will become your natural windbreak in a few years' time.
However, if you don't want to trap cold air, thin the existing windbreak to open up its base.
The lack of specific scientific and technical advice and activities on the design, size and spatial location of windbreaks networks of agricultural fields, identification of technical characteristics and effectiveness, in relation to environmental, social and economic.
We had the pier, beach donkeys, foy boats, landau carriages, the boating lake, the baths, the roller skating rink, the bandstand, Titty Bottle Park, deckchairs galore, windbreaks, penny on the mat, swing boats, roundabouts, Alan Gale and his pierrots, jugs of tea, bumper cars, ice cream shops, buckets and spades, holidaymakers and day trippers.
The wooden structure in South wold, Suffolk, comes complete with contents including a folding table, folding chairs, windbreaks and a kettle.
For generations windbreaks have been as synonymous with daytrips to the beach as weak orange squash and gritty egg sandwiches.
Here in windswept Blackpool, mussed hair and whipped up skirts are now a thing of the past as hardy trippers are able to seek shelter in a series of ingenious swivelling windbreaks arrayed along the south shore promenade.
Their natural habitat is rocky hillsides, open or wooded pastures, fence rows, and around abandoned fields where they serve as windbreaks in the Midwest.
RIG UP temporary windbreaks to protect newly-planted shrubs and especially evergreens and conifers.
Protect newly planted and susceptible trees and shrubs with windbreaks or by wrapping them in horticultural fleece.