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wind scoop, wind catcher

A device, especially found in hot regions of the Middle East, that ventilates a house by the use of wind. A small tower on the roof contains an opening that faces the prevailing wind, which is at a cooler temperature than the interior of the house. Because the wind velocity at this opening is greater than it is at the lower windows of the house, air in the shaft of the tower is forced down the shaft to cool the house.
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8 Follow the path up through an area of elder and hawthorn, and up towards the Windcatcher, where you bear right and return to the Chilterns Gateway Centre.
Another structure is the windcatcher, which is a square-section stone tower with piercings around the top.
WINDCATCHER AIRPAD 2+ PS79.99, THIS airbed by Windcatcher truly takes the faff and pressure off your lungs.
WINDCATCHER AIRPAD 2+ PS109.99, UNLESS you're truly hardy, an air bed's a must if you want to enjoy sleeping beneath canvas.
| Step forward the Windcatcher Airpad 2+, PS109.99, No-one relishes faffing around when it comes to putting their tent up, especially if you're only going to be away a night or two.
UK-based wireless network testing technology provider Anite said that Spain-based professional services supplier Arca Telecom has chosen Nemo WindCatcher for optimizing Spanish Tier 1 wireless operator networks using network OSS-based subscriber data.
Die titel van die bloemlesing is ontleen aan Breyten Breytenbach se gelyknamige gedig (53) uit die bundel Windcatcher (2007), en eggo Heinrich Heine se gedig "Storm": "ver aan die rotskus van Skotland/waar 'n ou grys kasteel/uittoring bo 'n brandende see;/daar, by 'n geboe venster,/staan 'n vrou, beeldskoon en mistroostig,/deursigtig van gelaat en marmerbleek./En sy speel op 'n harp en sy sing;/en die storm woed in haar lang hare;/en haar donker lied sweef/oor die wye, dreigende see" (vry vertaal na Untermeyer se vertaling in Poems of Heinrich Heine: Three Hundred and Twenty-Five Poems.
A particularly interesting device designed 1,000 years ago in Persia (now Iran) was called the windcatcher or Bad gir.
The classroom was naturally ventilated by 12 double-glazed windows under the occupants' control and a windcatcher. The windcatcher is a commercial design and was installed on the roof incorporating four quadrants with an opening area of 1.44 [m.sup.2] (15.50 [ft.sup.2]).
The project's unique features include a single, all-encompassing curved, domed roof to cover the school's oval plan which also incorporates a windcatcher to reduce reliance on air conditioning, and four broad roof lights to maximise natural ventilation and daylight.
Several poems, less agenda-driven than "Toll" and "The Same Old News"--and arguably more satisfying-veer away from cityscape, nature and portraiture to celebrate the work of local artists: Bill Lobchuk's painting of sunflowers and Michael Olito's installation, a windcatcher kept inside though it,