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(building construction)
A step, generally wedge-shaped, with a tread that is wider at one end than the other; often used in spiral staircases.



(in the textile industry), a machine for rewinding yarn and thread. A distinction is made between warp and weft winders. The warp winders are divided into parallel and cross-winding machines, in terms of the type of yarn packing produced.

With parallel winding, the thread is wound on a double-headed bobbin along a spiral with a slight angle; with cross winding, a flangeless packing bobbin is used with a large spiral. Cross-winding machines are the most common, since they are more productive and form a package that is convenient for subsequent rewinding and dyeing processes.

winder, wheel step

A step, more or less wedge-shaped, with its tread wider at one end than the other, as in a spiral stair.
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The Cougars, with all five starters on the bench tied the game 19-19, with Winder scoring seven in the stretch.
Hornby uses the term 'jig' exclusively for tunes in 6/8 time, in line with current Irish usage, though it is likely that the Winders, like most rural English musicians, would have used the term for any lively tune regardless of its rhythm.
On average, one Winder Farms truck delivers to more than 150 houses a night.
Entering a new market is never easy, and Winder Farms has some key advice for companies looking to find success in new locales.
Watch connoisseurs are delighted by its masterpieces, including the double tourbillon complication for a limited series table clock as with the Ellipse Grand Revers Double Tourbillon, Watch Winders or of creations such as Solitaire or Collector's Salon.
Morse never charged Benson with a crime but he did charge winder with tax evasion.
Winder said the announcement was sprung on him during last month's resuscitation conference dinner.
The third scenario calls for the elimination of both the golf course and Ray Winder Field.
The prosecution claimed Winder, of Milford Street, Mold, should have seen the pensioner.
There's definitely been an increase in business, and that's nice to see," says Sunshine Winder, adding that summer is typically the slow period for restaurants.
The goals were to improve sheet quality and minimize paper machine, winder, and coater breaks, while allowing for more flexibility in the use of market pulps.