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(building construction)
A step, generally wedge-shaped, with a tread that is wider at one end than the other; often used in spiral staircases.
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(in the textile industry), a machine for rewinding yarn and thread. A distinction is made between warp and weft winders. The warp winders are divided into parallel and cross-winding machines, in terms of the type of yarn packing produced.

With parallel winding, the thread is wound on a double-headed bobbin along a spiral with a slight angle; with cross winding, a flangeless packing bobbin is used with a large spiral. Cross-winding machines are the most common, since they are more productive and form a package that is convenient for subsequent rewinding and dyeing processes.

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winder, wheel step

A step, more or less wedge-shaped, with its tread wider at one end than the other, as in a spiral stair.
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