Windows 10 Anniversary Update

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Windows 10 Anniversary Update

A major update to Windows 10 in August 2016 brought a slew of features, including a slightly changed Start menu. The "All apps" list is immediately displayed in the Start menu, and there are more feedback options for the user to choose when installing Windows 10 for the first time.

Notifications Management
Notifications can be prioritized in the Action Center and limits can be placed on the number of messages an app can deliver. If more come in (the default is three), they are hidden. The taskbar shows the number of unread notifications as well as pending tasks from compliant Windows apps. Skype displays a calling party even if not open, and the taskbar calendar shows the full calendar app when activated.

Miracast and Xbox Play Anywhere
The Connect function in the Action Center looks for Miracast devices to stream to, and Xbox Play Anywhere lets users play Xbox games on their Windows PCs.

More App and Browser Flexibility
A Managed by Windows option can be selected for apps that allows Windows to stop them from running in the background. If users have multiple desktops, an app can be pinned to all of them, and a Dark desktop theme became available for the first time.Support for extensions and bookmark synchronization between computers was added to the Edge browser, and intelligent auto-pausing stops Flash video in ads, requiring the user to click on the ad to resume.

Biometrics, Ink and Cortana
Windows Hello biometric authentication can be used at the Microsoft Store, and a Windows Ink Workspace opens a launching pad for three pen-enabled apps (see Windows Hello and Windows Ink). More English-like commands can be entered into Cortana, and it is available from the lock screen. In addition, developers can add Cortana features into their apps. Cortana messages on mobile devices such as notifications and battery warnings can be sent to the desktop PC. See Cortana.

A Bonus for Power Users and Developers
The Anniversary Update added some extraordinary new features. Users can actually run Ubuntu Linux as a subsystem under Windows 10. When a new motherboard replaces an old one, the Activation Troubleshooter can assign a user's Microsoft account to the operating system so that the Windows license can be easily migrated. See Ubuntu, Windows 10 and Win10 abc's.
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