Windows 98

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Windows 98

(operating system)
Microsoft's 1998 update to Windows 95 that adds:

* Hardware support for Universal Serial Bus (USB).

* Internet Connection Sharing (IGC) - multiple PCs share a single connection to the Internet.

* Microsoft WebTV for Windows - watch TV on your PC.

* Support for new graphic, sound, and multimedia formats.

* Internet Explorer release 5.

* Windows 98 Service Pack - year 2000 updates.

Windows 98 was followed logically by Windows ME but chronologically by Windows 2000 Professional Edition.
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Windows 98

A major upgrade to Windows 95. Introduced in June 1998, it included numerous bug fixes, performance enhancements and support for more hardware, including USB and two monitors. Tightly integrating Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser into the desktop, Windows Second Edition and Windows ME were two upgrades to Windows 98. See Windows, Windows Second Edition and Windows ME.
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