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Why Not to Buy Given a choice between Windows 97 and Windows 2007, would you opt for the former?
Organizations migrating from Windows 97, Windows 2000 or NT to Windows XP want their end-users to become productive and efficient with the new operating system as quickly and cost-effectively as possible," says Michael Kiyosaki, VP, Marketing and Partner Development, The Abreon Group.
For those without a PC, see if the one at your local library can handle Word for Windows 97.
This product is compatible with Windows 97 and allows full-screen or partial-screen enlargement.
The core feature is CiteLink, which identifies legal citations within a Microsoft Word for Windows 97 file and automatically creates a link to West Group's legal content.
Microsoft says that Windows 97 and Windows NT will merge at some time, and will be more alike.
In addition, the release of Windows 97 has been delayed and is not likely to come out until 1998.
Internet Explorer is part of Windows 97, and new releases of Windows NT will display Web and intranet information.
Microsoft's Windows 95, the new NT and the about-to-be-released Windows 97 appear to have raised the bar on the PC operating system environment far beyond Apple's reach.
Now the folks at Microsoft have decided that, yes, there will be a Windows 96, a Windows 97, and so forth.
However, you might want to wait until Windows 97 comes out later this year to make your move.
KBI KnowledgeBases contain thousands of quality solutions to problems associated with widely used software applications including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 97 and Windows NT, Lotus SmartSuite and Novell NetWare.