Windows Media Center

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Windows Media Center

An optional interface in Windows that serves as a digital media server or home theater PC (HTPC) control panel. Debuting as Media Center Edition (MCE) in Windows XP, Windows Media Center is available in subsequent Windows versions, except for Windows RT. Designed to organize and store a music, video and photo collection, content can be viewed and heard on the PC or sent over the network to a stereo or TV.

Local or Remote
With Windows Media Center (WMC), content can be played and viewed on the PC or streamed over the local network to an Xbox or Media Center Extender (digital media hub) connected to the home theater. Windows Media Center's "10-foot user interface" was designed for living room control on a TV screen. In practice, millions of PCs with Windows Media Center are used like ordinary PCs, and the Media Center interface is never selected.

Windows Media Center HTPC
Built into a horizontal case like traditional A/V equipment, a Windows Media Center HTPC is designed for the home theater cabinet. It includes "quiet" fans, wireless keyboard, Blu-ray player and large hard disk. Plugging into the A/V receiver, this digital media server not only renders movies on the TV, but everything else a regular PC can display, including websites, email, games and business applications. See HTPC, 10-foot user interface, Media Center Extender, digital media server and digital media hub.

A Media Center PC
Designed for A/V cabinets, CybertronPC makes a variety of Media Center PCs. This model has 2 terabytes of disk storage and an HDTV tuner card. While the Media Center interface on the TV screen is used to access content, the unit's built-in 7" touchscreen adds more controls. (Image courtesy of Cybertron International, Inc.,
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All current users of the Hauppauge HD PVR can download the support for Windows Media Center at no charge from http://www.
The fact that Windows Media Center and Xbox 360, Microsoft's sixth generation video game console, consolidate media uses into a single source offers an advantage over non-digitized home entertainment systems.
Along with Whirlpool, which supplied the wireless washers and dryers, Cingular provided the cell phones; the Windows Media Center machines were Hewlett-Packards; Microsoft developed the Laundry Time software application and the Media Center platform; Panasonic supplied the televisions; and Procter & Gamble provided consumer research and focus group facilities.
The DHS 5-Series provides remarkable entertainment enhancements such as the ability to share DHS content with other TVs in the home via a Windows Media Center Extender and the capacity to add an additional TV tuner.
In Los Angeles, Microsoft is expected to unveil Windows Media Center Edition 2005 for entertainment computers as well as other software and gadgets that seek to simplify sharing video and music while enforcing copyrights.
At the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) yesterday, Microsoft said it plans a campaign prompting the security benefits of Windows XP's Service Pack (SP) 2 in October followed by a program touting the advantages of planned new technologies building on Windows XP, such as Windows Media Center.
The key here is that they sync seamlessly with Windows Media Center PCs, which the firm hopes will replace separate PCs, hard-disk recorders and DVD players in homes.
If have purchased (or otherwise acquired) Windows 8 Pro, you can obtain Windows Media Center for free until January 31, 2013.
WTV format is a file container that Microsoft Windows Media Center uses to store the recorded SD or HD TV videos.
SageTV is an alternative software viewing option to Windows Media Center.
PCMark vantage advanced HDD Suite and PCMark 05 runs a series of tests such as Windows 7 and XP startup, importing photos, adding music to Windows Media Center and application loading.

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