Windows tablet

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Windows tablet

A tablet that runs the Windows operating system. Windows tablets use an x86 CPU and run the same applications that any Windows desktop or laptop computer does, providing there is sufficient CPU power, RAM and storage. Although tablets are increasingly rivaling laptops in performance, gaming enthusiasts prefer a high-end Windows machine (see gaming PC). Scientific and intensive graphics applications require a high-powered desktop computer. See x86 and Windows.

Tablet or Laptop?
Unlike iPads and Android tablets, which are generally stand-alone panels, Windows tablets often come with a keyboard that may or may not be removable. As a result, Windows tablets and Windows laptops have converged (see hybrid laptop and convertible laptop). Like any portable device, the difference is weight, screen size, CPU speed, RAM and storage.

Many Vendors
There are numerous vendors of Windows tablets, and Microsoft sells its own line under the Surface brand (see Surface versions). For Windows tablet history, see Tablet PC. See tablet.

Windows Tablet
Essentially, Windows tablets with removable keyboards are the same as hybrid laptops. This 10.1" Windows 10 tablet from Lenovo has 128GB of solid state storage and comes in models with Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and LTE. (Image courtesy of Lenovo,
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TOKYO, May 8, 2019 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Client Computing Limited today announced the launch of four Fujitsu Notebook LIFEBOOK models from two product series and three Fujitsu Tablet ARROWS Tab models of Windows tablets. The new notebooks and tablets, made by Fujitsu Client Computing, are available for purchase in Japan from today and include the latest CPUs and other innovative features.
It can be purchased with a Microsoft Surface Pro or be paired with comparable Windows tablets, based on an individual's preference and style.
Carrefour customers during DSF will also be in for a surprise gift, as every smart TV purchase over 2500 AED will come with a Touchmate Windows tablet for and an ICFLIX 3-month subscription for free.
HP has just recently updated its line-up of 13-inchers with the HP 13-inch Windows tablets which are also dubbed as "detachables" since it can be plugged and unplugged into a keyboard base.
Updated for 25% longer battery life (up to 10 hours of continuous use) and with an optional bridge battery, the Toughpad FZ-G1 10-inch rugged Windows tablet now features a faster 4th generation Intel Core i5 vPro processor.
Novo apps are available for both Android and Windows tablet devices.
Nokia also showcased it's first-ever Windows tablet, the Nokia Lumia 2520.
Nokia's first Windows tablet, the Lumia 2520, is designed to work anywhere, with a vivid 10.1-inch HD display that is designed to provide the best outdoor and indoor readability of any tablet.
By the end of 2017 Windows tablet share will increase to 7.4%, chipping away at both Android and iOS tablets, which will command 46% and 43.5%, respectively.
iPhone 60% iPad 45% Android Smart Phone 38% Blackberry 14% Windows Tablet 14% Windows Smart Phone 5% Android Tablet 3% Other 3% WHAT ARE THE MOST ESSENTIAL FEATURES YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IN A MOBILE EHR SOLUTION?
With the MS Windows Tablet PC software, the machine includes handwriting and speech recognition capabilities.
The Windows Tablet PC may flourish where others have failed, according to a META Group report.