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Windows XP

(operating system)
Microsoft's version of the Windows operating system that finally, in 2001merged the Windows 95} - Windows ME strain with the Windows NT - Windows 2000 one.

Windows XP Home.

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Windows XP

The client version of Windows superseding Windows 2000 and prior to Windows Vista. Introduced in 2001, XP was a major upgrade with many changes to the user interface. As of 2020, it is estimated that less than 1% of all Windows users are running XP.

XP improved support for gaming, digital photography, instant messaging, wireless networking and Internet sharing. XP added a personal firewall (see Windows Firewall) and functioned as both client and server (see peer-to-peer network).

Home vs. Pro
XP Home Edition was designed for the consumer, and XP Professional was aimed at the office worker with added security and administrative options. For example, XP Pro could log in to a domain-based network, and it supported Intel's Hyper-Threading. It could also be run remotely. See HyperThreading and Remote Desktop Services.

64-Bit XP
A 64-bit version became available for Intel IA-64 machines as well as AMD's 64-bit CPUs. Originally code-named Whistler, XP gained .NET support in 2002. See Windows, .NET Framework and Windows Product Activation.
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The system is based on a Xen virtualization platform, consisting of tboot1.7.3 (for bootloader), Xen4.1.4 (for VMM) and Linux3.2.0 kernel (for system domain kernel), with both WindowsXP and Ubuntu12.04 virtual machines installed on Xen.
In order to capture, filter and analyze the packets, this study used VMware (installed on WindowsXP SP2) and network management tools (WireShark and CurrPorts) to observe the network's traffic flows.
It features GE's unique Quality Assurance Phantom which reports various detector statistics and parameters to ensure continuous high performance.Aa Typically, this will monitor any significant performance changes and measure displays against a variety of IQIs (Image Quality Indicators), as well as providing trending for more complex image parameters.In operation, the new detector, which is powered by any local electricity source though its own power supply unit, can be connected to a WindowsXP or Windows2000 laptop by means of its tethered cable.Aa AaIt is positioned behind the object to be inspected, in line with the radiation source, which can be X-ray or isotope.
Microsoft is launching WindowsVista - following on from WindowsXP - next spring.
Both workstations can come preinstalled with the 32- or 64-bit versions of Microsoft WindowsXP Professional or Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
San Jose, California -- Hench Control upgraded the computers from Windows95 to WindowsXP in 28 of their installations in 2005.
It is a Pentium-class CPU with an x86-native instruction set and 32 KB of integrated L1 cache that efficiently runs Windows CE, WindowsXP embedded, Linux and other x86-compatible operating systems.
With the Remote Desktop feature in WindowsXP, appraisers can remotely control their computer from another office, from home or while traveling.