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Asimismo, con mucha frecuencia todos caos escritores, pensadores y periodistas tambien acostumbran citar al legendario estadista ingles Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, que segun dicen en cierta ocasion solto la siguiente frase: "La democracia es el peor de los regimens, excluidos todos los demas", considerandola como una de las mas chispeantes que sobre el tema se han expresado.
The Churchill is named for Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, best known for his leadership as prime minister of the United Kingdom, from the darkest days of World War II to the dawn of the Cold War.
And yet while in a public vote he was named the greatest Briton of all time, most people know comparatively little about the early life of Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, despite it being his derring-do in the face of the enemy which initially made him famous and helped to start his political career.
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