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PC Magazine benchmarks

A family of benchmarks for measuring the performance of PCs. Originally developed by Ziff-Davis Media, the ZDBOp benchmark division, later renamed eTesting Labs, was turned over to the VeriTest division of Lionbridge Technologies in 2002 (www.veritest.com). Following is a brief summary. See benchmark.

Tests the performance of a PC running actual Windows applications. Business Winstone uses typical business applications, while Content Creation Winstone (CC Winstone) uses Photoshop, Macromedia Director and other applications used to create content.

Tests graphics, disk and video performance of a Windows PC. 3D WinBench tests for 3D performance, and CD WinBench tests the CD-ROM drive and controller.

Tests the performance of a file server handling requests from Windows clients. NetBench computes the average throughput based on all the client requests.

Tests the performance of Web server software. It is a Windows-based program that can test any server platform and can thus be used to measure the performance of a Web package running on different hardware or different Web packages running on the same hardware.

A JavaScript-based benchmark that measures the performance of various Web client functions such as Flash, Java, QuickTime and Shockwave. It also tests XML compliance.

Tests battery life of laptop computers running Windows. It can take a while to get results from this because the battery has to be recharged at the end of each phase.
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