Wire Obstacles

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Wire Obstacles


ground obstacles of smooth or barbed wire. They are used to slow down the advance of enemy infantry and to restrict its maneuverability.

The first wire obstacles, which were wire nets, appeared in the second half of the 19th century. Barbed wire was employed for the first time in the Anglo-Boer War of 1899–1902. In World War I barbed-wire obstacles became one of the chief antipersonnel obstacles. During the defense of Port Arthur of 1904, the Russian troops used electrified wire obstacles for the first time. Later, such obstacles were used by various armies.

At the present time, wire obstacles may be permanent, such as wire fences, nets, and wire-loop snares, or portable, such as wire chevaux-de-frise, hedgehogs, and concertina wire. Wire obstacles are installed ahead of time or during combat in combination with antitank obstacles and explosive antipersonnel obstacles.

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One of the soldiers who spoke with Mattis on Wednesday brought up the matter and asked whether the "wire obstacles" his unit was installing would need to be removed later on.
There are only 13 such beaches and all have already been prepped for such an eventuality, and reservists could be called up to help set up a hellish network of what Easton called "razor wire nets, hook boards, skin-peeling planks, barbed wire fences, wire obstacles, spike strips, landmines, anti-tank barrier walls, anti-tank obstacles ...
Air Force combat controllers from the 321st Special Tactics Squadron, airborne engineers from Company B cleared the dirt FLS of wire obstacles, mines, and unexploded ordnance in preparation for C-130 airlands.
A YouTube video this week emerged showing a child crawling through wire obstacles. While the footage is blurry, some things are still pretty clear.
A suicide bomber exploded 50 metres short of bunker on northern perimeter as he got entangled in the wire obstacles and Naib Subedar Said Nabi fired at him from close range.
They faced a 12km run before tackling underwater, burning and barbed wire obstacles, all while enduring near freezing temperatures.
Charged by the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, more than one thousand anti-government protesters called on Sunday for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down, chanting: "There is no way out, either leave or step down." The protesters began marching from Sana'a University towards Al-Sabaeen Square, where central security placed barbed wire obstacles to prevent entrance to the area, popular for protests and large celebrations.
The three will face a run of roughly 12km, followed by a gruelling assault course with underwater, burning and barbed wire obstacles.
Four new anti-aircraft sites at Blyth in Northumberland were also revealed, as well as many examples of coastal practice bombing ranges, pill box sites, barbed wire obstacles, gun pits and barrage balloon moorings which were part of wartime coastal defences.
(Rumour has it that one Canadian battalion, which shall remain nameless, was chastised because the wire obstacles in front of the position were not highly polished.
The self-contained system has been in increased demand by special-forces units because it can breach minefields or wire obstacles within a relatively short period of time.