Wireless Application Protocol

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Wireless Application Protocol

(protocol, standard)
(WAP) An open international standard for applications that use wireless communication, e.g. Internet access from a mobile phone.

The official body developing WAP is the WAP Forum.


Technical data.

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"Using the point-and-dick development environment of the CTE 1400 Design Studio, it took me less than a day to transform the entire telemetry application into a cellular phone-compatible wireless application protocol format," says Andrew Postma, TID systems analyst.
Special attention was paid to the following topics: (1) the impact of the industrial revolution, the electronics revolution of the 1980s, and the mobile revolution of the late 20th century on education and training; (2) the distance education strategies and techniques that constitute the foundation for the success of mobile learning; (3) the worldwide spread of electronic learning and arrival of mobile learning; (4) mobile learning initiatives and attempts to provide theoretical constructs for mobile learning; (5) mobile learning on screenphones, on personal digital assistants (PDAs), smartphones, and wireless application protocol (WAP) telephones; and (6) student use of mobile learning.
LandSafe Mobile Credit Solutions works with any browser-based wireless PDA and network as well as wireless application protocol (WAP), including handheld digital, pocketPC and carriers that support Internet protocol (IP), quickly delivering credit scores and summary pages of the credit report(s) requested.
Opportunities exist even for the customer who doesn't want to report a claim online, such as providing notification that car repairs are complete via a wireless application protocol phone or pager, or buying replacement parts online from trusted suppliers, rather than shopping and submitting receipts.
Applications available comprise the already noted Isle of Man Air (location specific data), Manx Telecom's mobile office, BT Openworld and MT video content, NEC source video telephony, enhanced Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), Imagecom sourced live video and Gameplay's gaming services.
"Carriers continue to look for ways to use messaging to enhance value, differentiate their services and increase revenue." The newest version of the Wireless Internet Gateway provides support for enhanced messaging services (EMS), such as the ability to download ringtones, information alerts, reminder notes and graphics, as well as enhanced functionality for subscribers with Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) phones.
We could be seeing another kind of dot-com debacle in the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol),mobile software and m-commerce worlds before things level out.
In addition to making access possible via participating cellular carriers, access will also be available through devices equipped for Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).
Other candidates: m-commerce (14), buying and selling over a cell phone, and WAP (3), Wireless Application Protocol, a specification that enables wireless devices to connect with one another.
(Andhra Pradesh), said the new-look Airtel will incorporate a host of next-generation services such as unified messaging, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)-based interactive content like location-based directory services and mobile commerce transactions services.
The majority of mbanking services currently available in Western Europe are based on wireless application protocol (WAP) technology.
As wireless devices, such as personal digital assistants (PDAs) and wireless application protocol (WAP) phones, become more widespread and are used as integral parts of business, threats to those devices are also likely to grow.

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