wireless bridge

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wireless bridge

(1) See Wi-Fi bridge.

(2) A device that connects two LAN segments together via infrared or microwave transmission. A wireless bridge is often used to span buildings and provides a more economical method than laying cable or leasing a private line. Long distance wireless bridges often require line-of-sight between transmitter and receiver; however, bridges used inside a home or building that add remote devices to a Wi-Fi network do not (see Wi-Fi bridge).

Spanning Geographic Areas
A wireless bridge is used to span buildings or areas where laying cable or leasing lines is prohibitive.

Securing Hotspot Access
A wireless bridge can also be used to secure a local wireless network that accesses the Internet via a public hotspot. By wiring the bridge into the WAN port of the router, it serves as a gateway between the private encrypted network and the hotspot, which is not encrypted.
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Wireless bridges connect to the wired network through the 802.11n port and replicate that data to a remote network bridge or access point via 802.11a/b/g wireless (Wi-Fi) protocol.
LightPointe (www.LightPointe.com) manufactures wireless bridges for enterprises, 4G/5G/LTE carriers, and Ultra Low Latency (ULL) applications, including High Speed Trading.
The aviation company desired faster data transmission and higher security for its wireless connections between terminals, aircraft hangers, and offices that had used wireless bridges based on WiFi technology, which many of LightPointe's competitors use but has been acknowledged by industry experts as susceptible to cybersecurity problems such as hacking and data theft.
AXILSPOT provides smarter and safer wire-like WLAN solutions for all sizes of enterprises, including wireless bridges, outdoor and indoor coverage solutions, conquering every obstacle that drags enterprise mobility behind.
BridgeWave Communications Inc, a leading supplier of wireless gigabit solutions, including point-to-point wireless bridges, has every reason to be excited about exhibiting at GITEX Technology Week this year.
BridgeWave Communications, Inc, a supplier of wireless gigabit solutions, including point-to-point wireless bridges, has every reason to be excited about exhibiting at GITEX Technology Week 2013.
Over 400 Ruckus ZoneFlex outdoor access points (APs) and 80 Ruckus ZoneFlex wireless bridges are being deployed across eight university campuses in the province, covering an area of over 2,000 acres.
PTCL has also reciprocated this trust with great excitement and has always been a step ahead of others in providing state of the art ICT services like Data Centers, TelePresence, Unified Communication, VSAT, wireless Bridges, MPLS, surveillance and many other managed and hosted services.
Application-proven LXI accessories such as portable tablet PCs, high-performance Gigabit Ethernet switches, wireless bridges, TriggerBus distribution interfaces, and Ethernet cabling are included.
Cisco Aironet wireless bridges connect approximately 90 satellite facilities on the hospital campuses to the data center at the main hospital.

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