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An integrated wireless sniffer now displays all available wireless networks complete with channel numbers, MAC-addresses, SSID, speed, load and encryption parameters and can attempt to connect to any available network and initiate a password recovery attack.
This comprehensive set of tools includes a wireless sniffer, a packet capture tool, a Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) key generator, and a WEP cracker.
Because the WEP secret key is static, a hacker using a wireless sniffer (a device that retrieves and stores network packets) can crack it within one second after 100 MB to 1 GIG data has been sniffed.
The least expensive, and least effective, way of doing this is to buy a wireless sniffer handheld and walk the perimeter of the network.
Wireless sniffers specifically are created for capturing data on wireless networks, but normally are used by IT specialists to monitor the health of a network and diagnose problems.
In addition, identity thieves have lately been using wireless sniffers, a software designed to intercept and decode data when it is transmitted over a network.
Silicon Labs also offers a Desktop Network Analyzer that, unlike traditional wireless sniffers, provides full visibility of all wireless networking activity by using the EM34x wireless SoC's packet trace port.
Realizando un escaneo periodico de la red inalambrica para detectar access points rouge o wireless sniffers, podemos reducir considerablemente este riesgo.
When problems arise, these products act like wireless sniffers to quickly isolate and resolve problems.
Several new and ongoing threats pose risks for people accessing the Internet via public WiFi networks, including "Evil Twin" access points, WiPhishing scams and wireless sniffers -- all of which are designed to access personal information from unknowing victims.

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