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Bluetooth speaker

An amplifier and loudspeaker with Bluetooth wireless connectivity that is paired (pre-associated) with one or more smartphones, tablets, iPods or computers. Available in all sizes, including replaceable battery and rechargeable models, as well as wall-powered units, the Bluetooth speaker receives digital audio streams from the host device, which are typically compressed. It then decompresses, decodes and amplifies the audio through the built-in speakers. See Bluetooth audio and Bluetooth pairing.

A Premium Bluetooth Speaker
Bayan Audio's Soundbook stands out in the crowd. Using custom-designed speakers, the aluminum case adds rigidity and eliminates resonance. The Soundbook also supports aptX for higher quality audio (see aptX). For more information, visit

A Speaker Tablet
Rather unique, Zettaly's Avy is a full-blown Android tablet that can pair with a music source via Bluetooth and access the Internet via Wi-Fi at the same time. (Images courtesy of Zettaly Inc.,

Mo Speakers from POW - Very Portable
Not much bigger than a smartphone, POW AUDIO's Mo speakers can be wall mounted or attached to the back of the phone case for traveling. When expanded, they provide room-filling sound. A second speaker can be paired for stereo.

Even in a Bulb
Sengled's Pulse is a dimmable LED bulb combined with a Bluetooth speaker from JBL that delivers a surround sound effect. One master bulb supports up to seven satellite bulbs, and the light and music are controlled via an app. (Image courtesy of Sengled,
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"The market for VPA-enabled wireless speakers, such as the Amazon Echo devices and Google Home, is expanding rapidly with more vendors, device types and use cases," said Werner Goertz, research director, Gartner.
The SRS-X7 wireless speaker system offers 32W total output power with its wifi and bluetooth options and a built-in subwoofer and dual passive radiators.
In addition to this, the TDK Life on Record Trek wireless speaker, leverages the latest Bluetooth wireless technology to provide high quality, near lossless audio streaming with no docking required.
A slick, artfully designed pair of wireless speakers, the Nova provides the type of serious audio Harman Kardon is known for in a sculpted package that fits well in any office or clutter-free room.
The original Jambox is credited with starting a wireless speaker trend with a sleek, pocket-sized sound system that synchs to gadgets using Bluetooth capabilities.
Summary: Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515 Offers Up to 50-Foot Wireless Range, Logitech Laptop Speaker Z305 Delivers 360-Degree Sound
Soundolier Integrated Wireless Technologies, a new division of Mitek Corporation, Phoenix, Ariz., has developed a state-of-the-art omnidirectional wireless speaker hidden within a stylish torchier floor lamp, ready for duty as a single full-range output device, in pairs as home theater surround speakers, or in as many quantities as desired as a distributed music system for homes, restaurants, and businesses.
Soundolier's Duo Wireless Speaker lamp has an omnidirectional speaker hidden within a stylish torchiere floor lamp, ready for duty as a surround speaker with a home theater or other audio system.
STAY connected with friends and family whilst on the move with the award winning Motorola HF800 Wireless speaker with Bluetooth.
Listen Technologies also offers a wireless speaker with a built-in FM receiver, which picks up transmission audio and amplifies it in the classroom or to a remote room without hardwiring.
12 -- Sony has announced a new wireless speaker in India, the Sony XB402M.
Apple's wireless speaker HomePod will now deliver a "more immersive listening experience" throughout the home with support for HomePod stereo pairs and a new multi-room audio system in iOS 11.4.

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