Wise Old Person

What does it mean when you dream about a wise old person?

Whether it be a man or a woman, a wise old person is a symbol of deep suitable “authority,” in contrast with the sometimes arbitrary authority of some of our social institutions.

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But you can convert the shadow elder into a more effective wise old person by admitting your ignorance, where applicable, and becoming better informed to make good judgments and offer good counsel.
'A well-handled old leather book acquires something akin to the aura of a wise old person.' 'Unlike animals, we are individualities on personal journeys through life.' References to 'ensouling auras' and 'cosmic powered living processes' sound to me the sort of thing that old-school Presbyterian ministers used to refer to, justifiably in my opinion, as 'devil worship'.
First of all, the name: Wazee is Swahili for wise old persons. "Wazee.com is a place where knowledgeable people in the information industry can meet and cross-fertilize ideas, products, contacts, capital, alliances and partnerships.