Witch Fire

Witch Fire (movie)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A 1986 movie starring Shelley Winters as an escaped mental patient who uses her occult powers to wreak supernatural vengeance on those who mocked her.

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These include the Witch Fire in Southern California in 2007, fires in Southern California in 2008, the Black Saturday bush fires in Victoria, Australia, in 2009, the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado in 2012, and the Valley Fire in Central California last year.
Combining cumbersome exposition with uneven pacing, Witch Fire provides readers of the previous volume an opportunity to re-engage with Glory and Lucas, but otherwise offers little to entice new readers.
State investigators say the Witch fire was caused by sparks from colliding overhead conductors.
The PUC and Cal Fire, (The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection) have both determined that SDG&E caused two of the major fires of 2007, the Witch Fire and the Rice Fire," write Hendricks' lawyers in her filing.
In the case of the Witch Fire, Hendricks' filing alleges that the utility failed to maintain a CPUC-mandated 24 inches of radial clearance between conductors.
We turn north, toward the blaze so appropriately called the Witch Fire, and soar over interstates that should be clogged with rush-hour traffic.
Pretty thick in here," says Sears, as he steers us into layers of gray smoke hovering over Rancho Bernardo and Poway, upscale communities of sprawling estates 22 miles northeast of San Diego and at the heart of the Witch Fire, which has burned more than 145,000 acres and demolished hundreds of homes.