Witching, The

Witching, The (movie)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Originaly released in theaters as Necromancy, this movie is directed by Bert I. Gordon and stars Orson Welles and Pamela Franklin. This author was technical advisor for the movie (despite which Gordon retained a typical Hollywood approach to his subject). As Mr. Cato, Welles controls an entire town, forcing its residents to make the "toys" he needs to cast evil spells (the working title for the movie was The Toy Factory). His young son is dead and his intention is to revive him by magical ritual, hence the name "Necromancy." To do this he needs to steal another soul, and decides that the wife of his newest employee, Lori (Franklin), is ideal.

W I T C H K I L L (M OV I E)


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