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the period a drug addict goes through following abrupt termination in the use of narcotics, usually characterized by physical and mental symptoms (withdrawal symptoms)
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troop actions undertaken in order to lead units away from enemy strikes and to occupy favorable lines for defense, to conduct a counterattack, to shorten the front, or to gain time.

A withdrawal may be accompanied by a disengagement or be carried out deliberately without contact with the enemy. A withdrawal accompanied by a disengagement is carried out under the cover of specially assigned subunits, which, by actively engaging the enemy, ensure the secrecy and successful execution of the withdrawal. A withdrawal of the main forces is covered by rear guards and rear and flank march security detachments, as well as by laying ambushes, setting up obstacles, and carrying out demolition work. A withdrawal may be executed only by order of a senior commander.

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Apart from the physical withdrawal symptoms that may last for many days, the psychological aspect of the urge to smoke may last longer, leading to relapses.
Rosanna O'Connor, director of Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco at Public Health England, said: "It is of real concern that many people find themselves dependent on or suffering withdrawal symptoms from prescribed medicines, which is why PHE has been commissioned to carry out a review.
Therapy company Camargo Pharmaceutical Services LLC announced on Monday the US Food and Drug Administration's approval through its 505(b)(2) pathway for LUCEMYRA (lofexidine) tablets for mitigation of opioid withdrawal symptoms to facilitate abrupt opioid discontinuation in adults.
The evidence discussed below suggests that the use of certain dietary modifications and nutritional supplements can decrease withdrawal symptoms and increase the success rate of an opioid detoxification program.
When you drink to overcome a withdrawal symptom, then this is a big red flag.
He continued to take venlafaxine and quetiapine; his withdrawal symptoms were relieved by diazepam.
Smokers also are subject to other withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit, including loss of concentration and craving for tobacco.
She describes how antidepressants, sleeping pills, and other benzodiazepenes work; the basics of going off of them; withdrawal symptoms; managing psychological symptoms; acute, post-acute, and protracted withdrawal; coping tools; stimulants, supplements, and dietary modifications; supporting someone in withdrawal; suicidal ideation; tips for counselors and doctors; employment and debt issues; recovery; closure; moving on; and success stories.
But the cigarettes may actually be alleviating withdrawal symptoms, including irritability, anxiety and depression, which smokers misperceive as improving mood, the researchers said.
They found that physical nicotine withdrawal symptoms are triggered by activation of GABAergic neurons (neurons that secrete GABA, the brain's predominant inhibitory neurotransmitter), in the interpeduncular nucleus.
The Withdrawal Assessment Tool-1 (WAT-1) was designed to help assess children suffering from withdrawal symptoms (Franck, Harris, Soetenga, Amling, & Curley, 2008).
Effective quit planning can help smokers prepare to deal with the nicotine withdrawal symptoms they might experience, which can include lightheadedness, restlessness, sleep disturbance, poor concentration, irritability and aggression, craving for nicotine, depression, and increased appetite.