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the period a drug addict goes through following abrupt termination in the use of narcotics, usually characterized by physical and mental symptoms (withdrawal symptoms)



troop actions undertaken in order to lead units away from enemy strikes and to occupy favorable lines for defense, to conduct a counterattack, to shorten the front, or to gain time.

A withdrawal may be accompanied by a disengagement or be carried out deliberately without contact with the enemy. A withdrawal accompanied by a disengagement is carried out under the cover of specially assigned subunits, which, by actively engaging the enemy, ensure the secrecy and successful execution of the withdrawal. A withdrawal of the main forces is covered by rear guards and rear and flank march security detachments, as well as by laying ambushes, setting up obstacles, and carrying out demolition work. A withdrawal may be executed only by order of a senior commander.

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Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) is a postnatal drug withdrawal syndrome in newborns caused primarily by in utero exposure to opioids.
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Withdrawal syndrome findings, feeding problem, hyponatremia and ASD as a cardiac anomaly were found also in our patient.
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It was clear to me that the champagne of drugs, "non-addicting" cocaine, was actually highly addictive, despite having a mild to variable withdrawal syndrome compared to alcohol or opiates.
Alcohol withdrawal syndrome usually begins six to 24 hours after the last drink.