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the period a drug addict goes through following abrupt termination in the use of narcotics, usually characterized by physical and mental symptoms (withdrawal symptoms)
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troop actions undertaken in order to lead units away from enemy strikes and to occupy favorable lines for defense, to conduct a counterattack, to shorten the front, or to gain time.

A withdrawal may be accompanied by a disengagement or be carried out deliberately without contact with the enemy. A withdrawal accompanied by a disengagement is carried out under the cover of specially assigned subunits, which, by actively engaging the enemy, ensure the secrecy and successful execution of the withdrawal. A withdrawal of the main forces is covered by rear guards and rear and flank march security detachments, as well as by laying ambushes, setting up obstacles, and carrying out demolition work. A withdrawal may be executed only by order of a senior commander.

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If you really cannot do without hard cash for the next two to three days, consider going to the nearest bank and using your cheque book to make a withdrawl. It may be a bigger hassle than getting money from an ATM but is still a sure-shot bet.
Either way, New Start offers treatment with Suboxone, an outpatient therapy that reduces or eliminates withdrawl symptoms.
The Palestinian UN resolution calling for the complete withdrawl of Israel from the Palestinian territories by 2017 was rejected Tuesday by the UN Security Council, Reuters reports.
"Surely, the decision (withdrawl of FYUP) will be welcomed by a lot of students who were not happy with the four-year thing, but the manner in which this entire thing has occurred is deeply dismaying.
Summary: David Cameron is to confirm the planned withdrawl of British troops from Afghanistan by 2014.
Annan's successor as UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon, admits that Syria has failed to honour the agreement that requires the withdrawl of Syrian troops heavy weapons from population centres, and allow humanitarian and media access and release prisoners, the newspaper recalled.
Although MQM reversed its decision on the withdrawl of increase in petroleum products prices and the visit of Prime Minister, Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani to its head quarters, JUI is still reluctant to reconcile with the government.
PESHAWAR, January 07, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Government onFriday here welcomed the decision of Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani for withdrawl of prices of petroleum and termed this landmark step reflections of peoples aspirations.
said, really comes from one-time charges: about seven cents per share for a write-down of assets at a printing plant in Billerica, Mass., that the company's Boston Globe is moth-balling, and a three-cents per share charge for estimated pension plan withdrawl obligations at the Globe.
"This government will not topple through unconstiutional means," Oli said, "If they (Maoists) want, they can join the very government." Hinting at the withdrawl of the Maoist strike yesterday, he said that it has been proved that the politics of fear and intimidation cannot win.
Sharapova didn't give a specific reason for her withdrawl, but has on a number of occasions this season stressed that she needs more rest.
Shaw, claims it was one of the most successful operations of the entire war, but that doesn't erase the final, ignominious withdrawl a few years later.