Withdrawn Resources

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Withdrawn Resources


funds withdrawn from the circulation of an economic-accountability enterprise or association during the report year; resources withdrawn for special purposes, for the most part from profit, in accordance with existing legislation, the plan, or financial statutes. Withdrawn resources are shown in the financial accounting records and in the appropriate assets section of the annual statement, where the condition of these resources at the beginning and end of the report year is recorded.

Payments from profit to the budget are among the items recorded as withdrawn resources. These payments include payments for the use of productive capital, fixed payments, payments from the remaining clear profit, and deductions from profit for enterprises that have not been switched to the new system of planning and economic stimulation. Deductions from profit for economic incentive funds and for payments to the bank for capital construction funds are entered as withdrawn resources; so are sums of excess turnover capital returned by the enterprise to the budget, overestimated allocations for administrative expenses that are also returned to the budget, and resources that are transferred to ministry or association reserves maintained to render financial assistance to enterprises.

Because the final distribution of profit is not determined precisely until the end of the year, resources withdrawn during the year may be considered as advance deductions from profit.


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