9/11 Commission

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9/11 Commission:

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the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, in the United States, and the associated events and impact of those attacks.

The attacks, which were carried out by agents of Al Qaeda (a militant Islamic terrorist group led by Osama bin Laden) used three hijacked commercial
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References in classic literature ?
In spite of her sedentary habits such abrupt decisions were not without precedent in Zeena's history.
The result, however, of this decision was to create a rivalry entirely without precedent between the different towns of these two States.
Such was the dinner without precedent, given by Pancks at Pentonville; and such was the busy and strange life Pancks led.
The whole proceeding, however, in thus trying and punishing a chief was entirely without precedent.
Such changes no doubt were not without precedent in his experience of persons mentally afflicted.
But while voices from all parts of the house were tuning themselves to sing, a scene occurred, which, though not very unusual at that period in the province, happened to be without precedent in this parish.
The Interior Minister also said that the mobilisation of special mobile units and riot police was being carried out "at a level without precedent.
In spite of this, since last Friday the UFO union called for its members to go on a continuous strike, something which is irresponsible and at the same time without precedent in Germany.
Super Chapter 9" is without precedent, and would create a precedent for other states to discharge their Constitutional or "full faith and credit" debt.
THE Jeremy Corbyn phenomenon is not without precedent.
Indeed, news reports, related to the Middle East or otherwise, often assume that events occur without precedent and are unconnected to the past.
Miliband and his cohort of MPs are leading the country into a catastrophe without precedent.