Witner, Victor

Witner, Victor


Born Mar. 1, 1896, in Bohemia; died 1949, in Vienna. Austrian poet and playwright.

Witner was an editor of the leftist press of Vienna and Berlin. From 1933 to 1945, he lived abroad. He wrote the collections of lyric verse Flashes (1914), A Leap to the Street (1924), The Man Between the Window and the Mirror (1929), and Learn the Easy Life (1932). The first two collections are marked by a symbolist influence, and the others express an ironic attitude to bourgeois reality. The plays Three Days of Silence (1934) and The White Vest (1935) and the collection of poems Before our EyesHumdrum Days (1942) are devoted to the theme of the courage of antifascists.


In Dein Herz ist deine Heimat. Edited by R. Felmayer. Vienna, 1955. (Anthology of modern Austrian poets.)


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