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Saxon leader: see WidukindWidukind
or Wittekind
, d. 807?, leader of the Saxons against the Frankish king Charlemagne (later emperor of the West). In 782, when Charlemagne organized Saxony as a Frankish province and ordered forced conversion of the pagan Saxons, the Saxons under Widukind
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(wĭ`təkənd, wĭ`do͞okĭnd, wĕ`tə–), c.925–c.1004, Saxon historian, a monk, frequently called Wittekind of Corvey. He wrote the Res gestae Saxonicae, a history of the Saxons from earliest times to 997.
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Taikomas algoritmas buvo palygintas su algoritmu, sukurtu Vokietijoje autoriu Wittekind ir kt.
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Testing the assumption of pervasive change in people's career orientations to better align with changes in the structure and functioning of the world of work, Gerber, Wittekind, Grote, and Staffelbach found that almost two thirds of Swiss employees who participated in their study reported holding traditional loyalty- or promotion-oriented perspectives.
Wittekind - Linnea and Daniel Wittekind, of Jefferson, a daughter.
Conniving Lee Wittekind even contacted the grieving parents of a dead girl he'd never met and begged them to back up his shameful story.
Fun is exactly what media professors Larry Dailey of the University of Nevada, Reno, and Don Wittekind of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, encouraged editorialists to engage in with readers.