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In Poland:

Wtadyslaw I -Łokietek. Born some time between Mar. 3, 1260, and Jan. 19, 1261; died Mar. 2, 1333, in Kraków. King of the Piast dynasty. Ruled from 1320.

Wtadysław became Prince of Brześć-Kujawy in 1275. Relying on the Polish knights and, to some extent, the burghers, he was able to subjugate Little Poland, the Pomorze, and Great Poland (1296). He suppressed an uprising of the German patriciate of Poznari (1310) and Kraków (1311), which resisted the unification of the country. He waged war against Brandenburg (1316-17 and 1326-29) and against the Teutonic Order (1327-32), routing the order’s forces at the village of Płowce(1331).

Władysław II Jagiełło. Born about 1348; died in 1434. Grand prince of Lithuania from 1377. Kind of Poland from 1386.

Władysław IV Waza. Born in 1595; died May 20, 1648. King from 1632. Son of Sigismund III.

In the course of the Polish and Swedish intervention in the Russian state in the early 17th century, some of the Russian nobility proclaimed Wtadystaw tsar in February 1610. He renounced claims to the Russian throne by the Polianov Peace Treaty of 1634, which ended the Russo-Polish War of 1632-34. His reign was marked by the harsh suppression of the Cossack and peasant uprisings of 1637 and 1638 in the Ukraine. Opposing the magnates, he tried unsuccessfully to strengthen royal power. On the eve of Wtadystaw’s death a national liberation uprising of the Ukrainian people began under the leadership of B. Khmel’nitskii.

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