Wladyslaw Grabski

Grabski, Władysław


Born July 7, 1874, in the village of Borowe, district of Łowicz; died Mar. 1, 1938, in Warsaw. Polish politician, economist, and historian.

Grabski was a leader of the National Democratic Party, and from 1906 to 1912, he served as a deputy in the First, Second, and Third State Dumas. He was several times minister of finance of Poland. In June and July 1920 and from December 1923 to November 1925 he was premier. The financial reforms of 1924, enacted for the benefit of the capitalists and landlords, are attributed to his influence. As a historian he is known for his works on the history of agricultural relations in Poland.


Historia towarzystwa rolniczego, 1858–1861, vols. 1–2. Warsaw, 1904.
Historia wsi w Polsce. Warsaw, 1929.