Wladyslaw Skoczylas

Skoczylas, Władysław


Born Apr. 4, 1883, in the village of Wieliczka, Kraków Województwo; died Apr. 8, 1934, in Warsaw. Polish engraver and painter.

Skoczylas enrolled at the School of Arts and Crafts in Vienna in 1901 and studied at the Kraków Academy of Arts from 1904 to 1906. He became a professor at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in 1922. Skoczylas was responsible for the founding of the artistic associations Rytm (1922) and Ryt (1925). His woodcuts on peasant themes are executed in the style of the medieval folk woodcut; typical examples include Dance of the Brigands (1919) and Girls With Baskets (1928). His cityscapes and rural landscapes, including the cycle Old Warsaw (1930), are noted for their expressive rhythm and their new approaches to coloring and ornamental effects.


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