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PbMoO4 A yellow, orange, orange-yellow, or orange-red tetragonal mineral occurring in tabular crystals or granular masses; an ore of molybdenum. Also known as yellow lead ore.
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(named for the Austrian mineralogist F. Wulfen, 1728-1805), a mineral with the chemical composition Pb[MoO4]; contains 38.6 percent MoO3. It forms small platelike crystals of a tetragonal system, colorless or orange, with a diamondlike luster on the fracture. Reddish brown granular aggregates and powderlike masses also occur. Hardness on the mineralogical scale, 3.0-3.5; density, 6,500-7,000 kg/m3. Wulfenite is formed in the zone of surface oxidation of deposits of lead ores containing mixtures of molybdenum sulfides. It is usually found together with brown hydrous ferric oxides, pyromorphite, vanadinite, and other minerals. It is used as an ore for the smelting of lead and, less frequently, molybdenum.


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