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Wollaston, William Hyde,

1766–1828, English scientist, M.D. Cambridge, 1793. His wide-ranging scientific achievements include the discovery (1802) of the dark lines (Fraunhofer lines) in the solar spectrum; invention of the reflecting goniometer (an instrument by which the angles of crystals are measured) and of the camera lucida; a method of making platinum malleable; the discovery of the elements palladium (1803) and rhodium (1804); and establishment of (1801) the equivalence of galvanic and frictional electricity. He created an endowment with the Wollaston medal to be awarded annually by the Geological Society, London, for outstanding research. Wollastonite, a mineral compound of calcium, silicon, and oxygen, was named in his honor.
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Dr Wollaston said levying up to 50p per unit would help local pubs compete with cheap deals in stores and help prevent the pounds 20 billion annual cost of drinking to the economy.
I and, I suspect, Mr Wollaston don't hate Mr Guttenplan, we are simply deeply envious of him.
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Committee chairwoman Sarah Wollaston said: "There is a clear ethical principle that address data held for the purposes of health and care should only be shared for law enforcement purposes in the case of serious crime.
Commons Health Committee chairman Sarah Wollaston said health services and business, including those manufacturing and distributing medicines, "remain in the dark" about Britain's exit from the EU.
Sarah Wollaston, herself a GP, accused the British Medical BMA of failing to "put patients first."
Sarah Wollaston, a former GP who took over the chairmanship of the committee last year, said it was not reasonable or right that a report by former Marks & Spencer boss and Tory peer Stuart Rose, which was commissioned by Hunt a year ago and completed in December, was being kept from the public, The Guardian reported.