Wollaston Lake

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Wollaston Lake,

796 sq mi (2,062 sq km), NE Sask., Canada, NW of Reindeer Lake. It drains into both the Churchill and the Mackenzie river systems.
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In early 1936, Cumines made the first of many wildlife patrols in the Reindeer and Wollaston lakes areas, a 20-day patrol covering 452 miles by dog team.
Because Hatchet and Wollaston Lake First Nation was in the midst of a band election for chief and council, the decision fell on the shoulders of the administration.
From the description given in his 1938 map, a huge area west of Wollaston Lake was burned between 1934 and 1937 (see Map 6).
From there a newly forged trail (today's 905) pushed farther north 150 miles, supposeably touching the shores of Wollaston Lake, our intended destination.
The comprehensive and unique agreement builds on the existing relationships and commercial arrangements between Cameco, AREVA and the three First Nation communities of Black Lake, Fond du Lac and Hatchet Lake, and the four communities of Stony Rapids, Wollaston Lake, Uranium City and Camsell Portage.
Culture Award recipient, Marcella Tsannie, is a Grade 10 student at the Wollaston Lake Dene Nation, who follows strong cultural traditions and speaks fluent Dene.
Crosses and rosaries remain popular in Catholic communities such as Wollaston Lake, again in Saskatchewan's north.
Students from Black Lake, Cumberland House, Dillon, Fond du Lac, Ile a la Crosse, La Loche, La Ronge, Southend and Wollaston Lake have been touring the capital city yesterday and today.
It doesn't hurt to know that last year Wollaston Lake Lodge, long a prime destination for giant pike, had one of its best years on record for fish above 50 inches.
Perret said this year, there was a greater response from communities in the far north such as Wollaston Lake, Black Lake, and Fond du lac, where kids had to be flown in by plane to participate in the program.
It includes such marquee waters as Lac la Ronge, Cree Lake, Wollaston Lake, Lake Athabasca, Reindeer Lake, God's Lake, Utik Lake, and Knee Lake, to name a few.