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, Ukr. and Rus. Volyn, Pol. Wołyń, historic region, W Ukraine, around the headstreams of the Pripyat and Western Bug rivers in an area of forests, lakes, and marshlands.
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, Ukraine.
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Born in Wolyn, East Poland, in 1921, Janina was moved to Siberia with her mother at just 19 following Nazi occupation.
Wolyn we krwi 1943 [The Bloodlands of Volhynia: 1943], by Joanna Wieliczko-Szarkowa.
In a conference hosted by the Wolyn Jews' Memorial Hall in Givatayim, Professor and former Defense Minister Moshe Arens is slated to deliver remarks on Frenkel, whose story is documented in Arens' book "Flags Over the Warsaw Ghetto.
But for Dave Wolyn, professor in the Department of Plant Agriculture at the University of Guelph, this weed could germinate a nascent natural rubber industry for southern Ontario.
Wolyn plans to start by evaluating the rubber content in plants grown from seeds gathered in Kazakhstan.
He was born on August 4, 1918 in Lipniki, Wolyn, Poland, a son of Pawel and Julia (Zarczinska) Bielawski.
2) Most Orthodox believers were concentrated in those eastern provinces bordering the Soviet Union and inhabited primarily by these minorities; this was particularly true of Polesie, Wolyn, and Nowogrodek provinces, where Orthodox residents comprised 77 percent, 70 percent, and 51 percent of the total population, respectively.
The only two provinces to show a decline in parishes in the period 1924-1934 were Lublin (49 to 48) and Polesie (222 to 199), while the others either remained the same, had a modest increase or, in the case of Wolyn, witnessed a dramatic rise from 308 parishes in 1924 to 455 in 1934.
When Karen and Ron Wolyn wanted to add a new master bedroom to their house on a tight lot in Foster City, California, the only way to go was up.