Women's Army Corps

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Women's Army Corps:

(Women's Army Corps), U.S. army organization created (1942) during World War II to enlist women as auxiliaries for noncombatant duty in the U.S. army. Before 1943 it was known as the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC). Its first director was Oveta Culp Hobby.
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But once the cases, few though they were, of VD and pregnancy "out of wedlock" surfaced, members of the Canadian Women's Army Corps became the objects of a vicious "whispering campaign" impugning their morality.
Sylvester with the Women's Army Corps Service Medal.
Bouck, Dick Winters, Charity Adams Earley and the Women's Army Corps, and Audie Murphy.
The current Army Women's Museum traces its heritage to the Women's Army Corps Museum at Fort McClellan, Ala.
Another 17,000 joined the Royal Canadian Air Force (they were called WDs), while 22,000 women joined the Canadian Women's Army Corps and were referred to as CWACs.
Susan Williams over in Van Nuys shouldn't have to feel like she's a burden on her country now - not after serving proudly for nine years in the Women's Army Corps.
A proud US Military Veteran of WWII, Eleanor held the distinction of being the first woman from Clinton to enlist in the Women's Army Corps (WAC), where she served as a Sergeant until January, 1946.
Helen was still a teenager in 1942 but lied about her age to join the Canadian Women's Army Corps.
After attending the Women's Army Corps Officer Orientation/Officer Candidate School and the Adjutant General Basic Course, Col.
She served in the Women's Army Corps in New Guinea and in the Philippines in World War II, attaining the rank of Major.
1942--On May 14 the Women's Army Corps, formerly the Woman's Army Auxiliary Corps, is established.

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