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On the inside, the ceiling rests on magnificent column capitals and bracket lions, also in the typical style of Alchi-period wood architecture.
Contemporary Austrian sustainable wood architecture [photograps] - Until November 6
A[cedilla] South America - Opt for Wood Architecture (OWA) from Chile create prefabricated wooden buildings, and will be showcasing a range of innovative construction systems which are created out of wood.
According to Xu Ying, director of the museum's exhibition technology section, the cinema is built of a removable steel structure that minimizes possible damage to the ancient wood architecture of the hall.
Showing the very best of what wood architecture can produce, "The Wood Design Awards 2006" is a welcome and recommended addition to professional architectural and woodworking reference collections.
There are a number of books now on timber or wood architecture but the Swiss contribution to timber engineering is a story worth knowing.
Pryce, a photographer who is trained as an architect, has compiled a survey of wood architecture that will entrance the reader both with its text--which details the particulars of the buildings' construction style--and the superb photographs, many of them full-page plates (the volume is oversized: 9.
Jill (Camilla Belle) is the unfortunate babysitter, tending two children in an isolated lakeside house with the kind of fabulous modern glass and wood architecture we see on Grand Designs.
Keeping with North Fork's program of branches that reflect the character of the neighborhood, Soffes Wood Architecture & Interiors has designed a stylish, modem interior that is a blend of Soho retail and art gallery aesthetic.
This is also why they survived as some of the finest examples of Norwegian wood architecture.
This latest, Wood Houses, London, Laurence King, 2006, [pounds sterling]30, follows on from last year's New Wood Architecture (AR May 2005) and narrows its focus to the domestic realm.
North Fork Bank has hired Soffes Wood Architecture & Interiors to design four new branch offices in Manhattan based on four leases that have been signed as of mid-April 2002.