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Furthermore, as the worms eat, they excrete castings that are full of aerobic bacteria and microbes that stick to wood shavings and rocks to capture and digest waste as water percolates down.
Unfortunately, wood shaving possess none of the nutritional qualities that Lola imagined they might have.
In Japan, 40 percent of wood used for making columns or boards becomes wood shavings; moreover, approximately 25 percent of these wood shavings goes to landfills, and the rest is usually incinerated.
31 SD, sawdust; WS, wood shavings; S+W, mixture of sawdust and wood shavings (1:1 in volume); RH, rice hulls; SEM, standard error of means.
When we agreed to buy from him, he asked us what percentage of wood shavings we wanted in 1 kilogram of ztar as if this was a normal question," Jishi said.
Dry grass clippings or leaves, straw, or wood shavings all work well.
To make the fire starter, collect the cartons, candles and some wood shavings.
Once the downy chicks feel at home and are eating well - it usually takes a few days - the paper flooring is replaced by wood shavings.
Woodchips, wood shavings and shredded paper are also suitable for bedding.
She was in a transparent body bag packed with wood shavings and sawdust.
Brown materials include cardboard such as egg boxes, waste paper, cardboard tubes, woody prunings, newspapers and wood shavings.
By the end of the afternoon, self-portraits were hanging on walls, wood shavings filled the room and red-cheeked photographers were comparing shots they had taken in a walk around the site," said Cameron.