Wood products

Wood products

Materials developed from use of the hard fibrous substance (wood) which makes up the greater part of the trunks and limbs of trees.

Solid wood products include lumber, veneer and plywood, furniture, poles, piling, mine timbers, and posts; and composite wood products such as laminated timbers, insulation board, hard-board, and particle board.

Fiber wood products can be referred to as those which develop initially from the various processes for pulping wood. All are intended to separate the cellulose fibers one from another in relatively pure form to be recombined into layers of pulp, paper sheets, or paperboards. See Paper

Chemical wood products result from the chemical modification or conversion of cellulose, lignin, and extractives. Chief among these products are textile fibers such as rayon, and many cellulose plastics products such as cellophane, nitrocellulose, photographic film, telephone parts, and plastic housewares and toys. See Textile

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Available ammonium-nitrogen and phosphorus increased in the soil immediately below the 100 percent engineered wood products treatment, but these nutrients were retained in the soil immediately underneath the mulch.
Little published information is available on the potential environmental impacts of ground engineered wood products, which can include such contaminants as formaldehyde, phenol, methyl methacrylate and diallyl phtalate, as well as sodium and nitrogen.
They are protesting the NRDC for backing the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), whose standards for certifying sustainably harvested wood products somehow allowed this rare old-growth redwood to be logged.
Bayer's Pittsburgh campus has been selected to house the Bayer Global Wood Products R&D Center.
Department of Agriculture (USDA) will invest up to $7 million in grants for projects designed to expand wood products and wood energy markets that support sustainable forest management, especially in areas with high wildfire risks.
Marloc Enterprises LLC, DBA Eagle Bay Wood Products 1
A new coating for wood products is being heralded by Grant Forest Products as a "big breakthrough" for the OSB (Oriented Strand Board) producer now ramping up production at its new $20-million coated structural board mill in Earleton.
Two new studies from RISI focus on Chinas wood products and wood fiber industries.
The Swedish timber and wood products group Rorvik Timber AB said on Tuesday (7 March) that it has decided to divest its business area Consumer as part of its strategy to focus on sawmill operations.
The study analyzes the impacts of illegally produced and traded wood products on the ability of U.