Wood products

Wood products

Materials developed from use of the hard fibrous substance (wood) which makes up the greater part of the trunks and limbs of trees.

Solid wood products include lumber, veneer and plywood, furniture, poles, piling, mine timbers, and posts; and composite wood products such as laminated timbers, insulation board, hard-board, and particle board.

Fiber wood products can be referred to as those which develop initially from the various processes for pulping wood. All are intended to separate the cellulose fibers one from another in relatively pure form to be recombined into layers of pulp, paper sheets, or paperboards. See Paper

Chemical wood products result from the chemical modification or conversion of cellulose, lignin, and extractives. Chief among these products are textile fibers such as rayon, and many cellulose plastics products such as cellophane, nitrocellulose, photographic film, telephone parts, and plastic housewares and toys. See Textile

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After all, until this issue the venerable Wood & Wood Products held claim to being the longest-standing title among North American industrial woodworking publications.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-November 3, 2010--Raute gets EUR15m order for Chinese wood products plant(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.m2.com
Sixteen out of 20 major sectors exhibited increases in production values with petroleum products contributing the largest increase of 75.2 %, followed by other 10 major sectors that posted two-digit increases, namely: electrical machinery, transport equipment, machinery except electrical, paper and paper products, miscellaneous manufactures, wood and wood products, basic metal, leather products, beverages and rubber and plastic products.
The Northeast Utilities Foundation has provided a $150,000, two-year grant to help the North Country's wood products manufacturing industry.
said in a filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission that weak market conditions brought about by the housing and construction slowdown would likely force it to close or cut back some of its wood products business.
For information on DLA's lumber and wood products, go to the Wood Products page on the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia $91 website: http://www.dscp.dla.mil/gi/general/pglum.htm
This has broad implications for the management of greenhouse gas emissions, which are offset by forests sequestering carbon in trees, soil, and plant litter, as well as wood products.
Other pressed wood products, such as softwood plywood and flake or oriented strandboard, are produced for exterior construction use and contain the dark-colored phenol-formaldehyde (PF) resin.
Soy adhesives are not new, having been used in commercial wood products as early as the 1920s.
For example, a manufacturer may choose to locate facilities close to low cost fiber supplies or near the markets for wood products; they also may choose to invest in production overseas or focus on domestic manufacturing operations and ship their output to foreign markets.