Woodward, Bob

Woodward, (Robert Upshur) Bob

(1943–  ) journalist; born in Geneva, Ill. A Washington Post reporter (1971–78), later metropolitan editor, and assistant managing editor (from 1981), he was best known for unmasking, with Carl Bernstein, the Watergate scandal and cover-up; their coverage of the investigative story of the century won almost every major journalistic prize including a 1973 public service Pulitzer Prize for the paper. Woodward wrote the controversial "insider" books such as The Brethren (with Scott Armstrong, 1979), Wired (1984), and The Commanders (1991).
The Cambridge Dictionary of American Biography, by John S. Bowman. Copyright © Cambridge University Press 1995. Reproduced with permission.
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Lewis "Scooter" Libby in Washington, D.C., really took center stage on Monday, as a veritable parade marched to the witness stand, including Bob Woodward, Bob Novak and Walter Pincus.
On the debt side Peter Day, Mick Woodward, Bob Penfold and Martin Timms, 18-8 adrift after 16 ends, lost 18-17, and the all Coventry quartet of Greg Sampson, Richard Burdett, Bill Blakemore and Ernie Over finished on the wrong end of a 25-12 defeat.
D18265_1; SAFETY: CONCERNS: Mary Parsons (front) with great-granddaughter Deryn Webb and (back) Gerald Woodward, Bob McCormick, Cllr Susan Dixon, Sid Elam, Phil Cooke, Rose Boult, and Vernon and Christine Copeland at the bus stop where there is currently plenty of room to pull in.
Although they scored on one end less than their opposite numbers the higher scores of one four and two trebles was the deciding factor in a 22-16 win for Peter Day, Mick Woodward, Bob Penfold and Simon Gilbert.
Adam Shuttleworth, Richard Burdett, Lew Whitehouse and Anderw Smith led Warwickshire's charge with a massive 38-11 win, and Brian Lewes, Mick Woodward, Bob Penfold and Simon Gilbert counted a seven on their way to a 26-13 success.