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woodwind instrument:

see wind instrumentwind instrument,
in music, any instrument whose tone is produced by a vibrating column of air. In the pipe organ the column of air is set into vibration by mechanical means.
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Quantity or scope: Acquisition of woodwind instruments for municipal conservatories of the City of Paris and the Regional Radiation Conservatory (CRR)
Music Aid buys and sells both new and used brass and woodwind instruments, and is an authorized dealer for Conn-Selmer, Gulf, and Element instruments.
The shortlist Warwick Music identified a gap in the market which it exploited, publishing music for brass and woodwind instruments while delivering a firstclass service and free delivery worldwide.
The Tafelmusik III (tablemusic) was lovely, as it highlighted many of the different instruments of the small ensemble, heavily composed of string and woodwind instruments.
On stage there are 26 young musicians aged 11 and 12, playing a variety of woodwind instruments, including clarinets, oboes, flutes, trumpets, saxophone.
Brass and woodwind instruments have a bell to get more acoustic power into free space.
He also plays a lot of different woodwind instruments including Clarinet, Oboe, and Recorders.
Others raising cash included musicians who scaled Snowdon with their woodwind instruments, and contestants in an It's a Knockout style competition in Eirias Park.
More than half played the piano while approximately a quarter had studied woodwind instruments such as the flute or clarinet.
The works for woodwind instruments by Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner are often overlooked in the current music world, but the massive impact of these works is still being played out.
Four introductory level classes are offered: Introduction to Keyboard, Guitar, Brass & Woodwind Instruments, and Singing for All.
write that with the popularity of musical instruments, dentists are treating an increasing number of musicians of all ages and abilities: the treatment of orofacial problems may have adverse consequences for the players of woodwind instruments, some stringed instruments (violin and viola) and vocalists.