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Guthrie, Woody

(Woodrow Wilson Guthrie), 1912–67, American folk singer, guitarist, and composer, b. Okemah, Okla. Guthrie was an itinerant musician and laborer from the age of 13. Deeply involved in union and left-wing politics, he wrote many of his more than 1,000 published songs on themes of social injustice, poverty, and politics. A friend of LeadbellyLeadbelly,
nickname of Huddie William Ledbetter,
1885–1949, American singer, b. Mooringsport, La. While wandering through Louisiana and Texas, he earned a living by playing the guitar for dances.
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, Pete SeegerSeeger, Pete
(Peter Seeger), 1919–2014, American folksinger, composer, and environmentalist, b. New York City. Seeger, a son of musicologist Charles Seeger and violinist Constance Edson Seeger, stepson of composer Ruth Crawford Seeger, and nephew of poet Alan Seeger, left
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, and Ramblin Jack Elliott, Guthrie became an iconic figure in American folk music, exerting great influence on younger performers, notably Bob DylanDylan, Bob
, 1941–, American singer and composer, b. Duluth, Minn., as Robert Zimmerman. Dylan learned guitar at the age of 10 and autoharp and harmonica at 15. After a rebellious youth, he moved to New York City in 1960 and in the early years of the decade began playing
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 and Bruce SpringsteenSpringsteen, Bruce Frederick,
1949–, American singer, guitarist, and songwriter, nicknamed "The Boss," b. Long Branch, N.J. Springsteen established himself as a singer and songwriter, as well as a stage showman, while playing in bands in cities along the shore of the NE
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. His most famous song is undoubtedly "This Land Is Your Land." Other songs include "Hard Traveling," "Pretty Boy Floyd," "Pastures of Plenty," and "Deportee." Guthrie also wrote a Dust Bowl novel, House of Earth (1947, pub. 2013).


See his autobiography, Bound for Glory (1943, rev. ed. 1968) and his partially fictional memoir Seeds of Man (written 1930s, pub. 1976, repr. 1995); biographies by J. Klein (1980), E. Cray (2004), and W. Kaufman (2011); R. Shelton, ed., Born to Win (1965); H. Yurchenco and M. Guthrie, A Mighty Hard Road (1970).

Guthrie's son, Arlo Guthrie, 1947–, b. New York City, is also a folk singer and composer. He is best known for "Alice's Restaurant," a rambling, witty song that was the basis of a motion picture in which he starred (1969).

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A couple of months ago, I caught Billy Bragg performing live on the radio, singing a beautiful number with lyrics by Woody Guthrie devoted to Ingrid Bergman.
in 1965, Guthrie might have been relegated to the permanent role of telling only Woody Guthrie stories.
Woody Guthrie Place is intended to provide Lents-area families affordable workforce housing.
In the Woody Guthrie Archives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, there sits a thin makeshift notebook comprising the lyrics to some ten songs, its cover decorated with a bright red watercolor wash bearing the script, "Songs against Franco." Guthrie never published or recorded these songs, but they are important--not simply as reflections of Guthrie's fierce anti-fascism, which is common enough knowledge, but as evidence of a highly conscious and poignant artistic struggle.
As Woody Guthrie sang: "Some will rob you with a six-gun, some with a fountain pen."
David Amram announces the release of his CD of his own pieces This Land: Symphonic Variations on a song by Woody Guthrie and Theme and Variations on Red River Valley in February as part of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Woody Guthrie's completing of the iconic song.
The story begins with Woody Guthrie's impact on Greenwich Village and the nation's folk music scene.
''This thing is blowing up through the roof,'' said Riedemann, who wants to debut the completed house July 12, during Okemah's annual Woody Guthrie Folk Festival -- dubbed WoodyFest -- which attracts thousands of enthusiasts from around the world to the town of 3,300.
He travelled with Woody Guthrie in the 1940s, stood up to Joe McCarthy in the 50s, marched with Dr Martin Luther King in the 60s.
Woody Guthrie sings about the mistreatment and the Dust Bowl in Oklahoma.
Woody Guthrie's politics, his writing, and his cultural roots are reflected in my own.