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see weavingweaving,
the art of forming a fabric by interlacing at right angles two or more sets of yarn or other material. It is one of the most ancient fundamental arts, as indicated by archaeological evidence.
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(also filling), yarns or threads in a fabric running perpendicular to and interwoven with the warp yarns or threads. Weft yarns are interwoven with warp yarns during shedding and are then beaten up. Material of lower quality is often used for weft yarns, because the weft is subjected to less tension during weaving than the warp. In tulle, curtain fabrics, and knitwear, yarns running in the filling direction are also called weft yarns.



carpet weft

Yarn which runs across the width of the carpet, from selvage to selvage.


the yarn woven across the width of the fabric through the lengthwise warp yarn


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