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international five-and-dime store. [Am. Commerce: NCE, 3004]
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Many years ago I used to buy all my make-up from here, and my husband bought me my first ring from Woolworth's.' "Ethel Holliday, 84, from Ryton, said: 'It will not be the same without Woolworth's, it will make a big difference to the High Street.
A great opportunity occurred 6 when Woolworth's mother gave him the money to take two courses at Watertown Commercial College.
He worked at Ansells Brewery, as all my family did, so I was given a job there.' SANDRA REYNOLDS Service with compassion I WORKED all my adult life as a secretary until 1989, when I became a Saturday girl at Woolworth's in The Parade at Sutton Coldfield.
A total of 20 Woolworth's staff lost their jobs in Morriston.
Marketing director Nick Canning said: "We are confident we can help to support the local community in these towns who have lost a major high street retailer in Woolworth's.
The announcement ends speculation that Iceland was poised to buy up some of the closed Woolworth's stores and is a welcome employment boost at the end of a dreadful week for jobs.
With unemployment rising towards two million, many employees made redundant by Woolworth's will clearly have difficulty finding alternative work.
The US Woolworth's became the Venator Group, in 1997 later turning into sports store Foot Locker
SuperStore software from SAF AG plays a critical role in Woolworth's reorientation process.
As the civil rights movement gains strength among young black people in the South, Rob and his friends back home help organize a sit-in at a Virginia Woolworth's lunch counter that won't serve African Americans, a protest that turns violent.
High street retailer Woolworth's has rejected the chance to hold in-depth talks over a takeover worth up to pounds 789 million.