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international five-and-dime store. [Am. Commerce: NCE, 3004]
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The neo-Gothic, cast stone and terra cotta tower, with its once glowing roof of gold leaf, cost just $13,5 million to build, and construction was paid for in cash by the proceeds of Frank Winfield Woolworth's Five and Ten Cent Stores.
Another girl at Woolworth's on Shields Road, was Joan Stobbs, of West Moor.
If you are a nostalgia sufferer and feel you can't get through Christmas without a generous scoop of pick 'n' mix, a pounds 1 Disney video or a Bart Simpson nightshirt, Woolworth's stores still operate in Germany, Austria, Mexico and South Africa.
Woolworth's best efforts couldn't keep the chain going in a world of Wal-Marts and Targets, according to Woolworth's chief executive Roger N.
Many Rx Place Drug Marts are located in spaces formerly occupied by Woolworth's outlets that were closed as part of a repositioning program the company undertook in October 1993.
We are immensely proud of Woolworth's recognition with this prestigious award," said Sue Welch, founder and CEO of TradeStone Software.
Mr Johnson says Walker's bid for Woolworth's retail division is a distraction from his job of running the business.
Woolworth's trading manager Lesley Cornish said: "We just love having Bob do this with us.
Corbett described the last year as eventful and challenging for Woolworth's, with the very future of the company (then a part of Kingfisher) undecided for the first part of the year.
Mrs Groves also received gift vouchers worth pounds 50 and enjoyed a champagne breakfast with Woolworth's staff.
In plastic storage, Woolworth's, Stein said, is "doing more bulk promos, more monthly promos, where things aren't necessarily for sale.
Woolworth's had insisted they were right to fire Vicki McIntyre and Sharron McConville.